Day 4 of new venture…

Wow…I’m not quite four days in to my new venture as #OkanagansClassyVixen and of course I am spinning my wheels still at home trying to catch up on my year of shopping and pushing everything under the carpet. But I’m glad I didn’t wait to join. Of course waking up sick today didn’t help. But instead of just laying here as we know no mother of two young kids can do, I have pulled out the iPad and the iPhone and I am going to get my courses done and read literature on all the products and best practices.

Passion Parties has an amazing training system. Plenty of courses to not only learn about the products but also teaches their consultants great sales and booking techniques. I say this as a top performing sales professional the past two decades. I have had extensive training through companies I have worked with in the past. I have also read numerous books and done many self study courses to become a consultative sales person. So I don’t say it lightheartedly that the training passion parties has is incredible.

#Okanagansclassyvixen I truly believe will be a great success. I feel I have a great team behind me and will build a strong team of ladies myself. The most important part of this journey is showing other mothers, especially single mothers how easy it it to get their groove back. Supporting their families and still being able to make their own schedules and be at the important events for their children and precious families.

I feel truly blessed to be part of this company. I just wish I didn’t get sick today. But it is what it is. As all parents know life must keep moving even when we are sick. Parents can’t take a sick day😉.

Time to take some courses.