Oh my oh my….my Passion Party box ARRIVED

WELL THIS IS TRULY AWESOME!  Yes cap lock was needed for this. As I’m sitting on my bed in my newly converted downstairs into a mommy haven of comfy pillows and well lots of girly space.  The boys (my children) have been rewarded with playing Wii today upstairs.  Something I don’t normally let them do.  I guess feeling sick and studying all the new products has its benefits to little kids who love Wii.

mommy mommy….someone knocked at the door

and we answered it!

firstly…. They know their not suppose to open the door but come get me first……

then they said…..

mommy mommy guess what…..when we opened the door there was no one there….But MOMMY MOMMY there is a BIG PRESENT!

come see come see….( I’m at this point thinking AWESOME SANTA CAME EARLY)

So I go to the door and see my new box…….and I’m truly excited….but so are they….up-ow what to do….

So I say to them….this is a #grownup present…..

well that’s just not cutting it.  Mommy never gets present. Why is mommy getting a present and not us….

Nonetheless, thankfully because of Mario Cart on the Wii they have sorta forgot about the present…

here I am with this AWESOME BOX OF TOYS….. And I’m suppose to have a toy box opening party….

but can I resist not opening it..? I don’t think so….what to do..

Classy Vixen


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