Oh my oh my….my Passion Party box ARRIVED

WELL THIS IS TRULY AWESOME!  Yes cap lock was needed for this. As I’m sitting on my bed in my newly converted downstairs into a mommy haven of comfy pillows and well lots of girly space.  The boys (my children) have been rewarded with playing Wii today upstairs.  Something I don’t normally let them do.  I guess feeling sick and studying all the new products has its benefits to little kids who love Wii.

mommy mommy….someone knocked at the door

and we answered it!

firstly…. They know their not suppose to open the door but come get me first……

then they said…..

mommy mommy guess what…..when we opened the door there was no one there….But MOMMY MOMMY there is a BIG PRESENT!

come see come see….( I’m at this point thinking AWESOME SANTA CAME EARLY)

So I go to the door and see my new box…….and I’m truly excited….but so are they….up-ow what to do….

So I say to them….this is a #grownup present…..

well that’s just not cutting it.  Mommy never gets present. Why is mommy getting a present and not us….

Nonetheless, thankfully because of Mario Cart on the Wii they have sorta forgot about the present…

here I am with this AWESOME BOX OF TOYS….. And I’m suppose to have a toy box opening party….

but can I resist not opening it..? I don’t think so….what to do..

Classy Vixen


Day 4 of new venture…

Wow…I’m not quite four days in to my new venture as #OkanagansClassyVixen and of course I am spinning my wheels still at home trying to catch up on my year of shopping and pushing everything under the carpet. But I’m glad I didn’t wait to join. Of course waking up sick today didn’t help. But instead of just laying here as we know no mother of two young kids can do, I have pulled out the iPad and the iPhone and I am going to get my courses done and read literature on all the products and best practices.

Passion Parties has an amazing training system. Plenty of courses to not only learn about the products but also teaches their consultants great sales and booking techniques. I say this as a top performing sales professional the past two decades. I have had extensive training through companies I have worked with in the past. I have also read numerous books and done many self study courses to become a consultative sales person. So I don’t say it lightheartedly that the training passion parties has is incredible.

#Okanagansclassyvixen I truly believe will be a great success. I feel I have a great team behind me and will build a strong team of ladies myself. The most important part of this journey is showing other mothers, especially single mothers how easy it it to get their groove back. Supporting their families and still being able to make their own schedules and be at the important events for their children and precious families.

I feel truly blessed to be part of this company. I just wish I didn’t get sick today. But it is what it is. As all parents know life must keep moving even when we are sick. Parents can’t take a sick day😉.

Time to take some courses.

Okanagan’s Classy Vixen is live!!!


Welcome all to my newest blog, where I will be writing about all the exciting things I am doing this fall.  I ordered my Passion Party kit this past Friday and signed up under a woman I have not met personally but who is very successful with the company.  Luckily my request on Facebook I found someone.  It was awesome really with in hours of my post asking for someone I had two people.  Both amazing.  I chose the woman I went with for two reasons.  She stayed in touch with me and she is also involved with something else that is very dear to my heart.

So I ordered the kit Friday afternoon.  Then on Saturday I secured my domain.  I had already started this blog so I didn’t need to do much except secure the address.  Though I had take quiet alot of time off from the my world of video blogging and blogging in general.  So I have to admit I was a little rusty.  Or perhaps its simply the fact that this is such a positive new venture in my life I got too finicky.

I am no where near being done my website, however luckily I have a great friend and former boss out of California who is going to help me out.  I truly feel blessed at all the true stars that are coming out to shine in my life.

After such a difficult year away from my career, with my mom being ill and staying home with the kids because they truly needed me.  I guess I just needed to get my mind back into business.  My cousin who I no longer talk to due to personal reasons is who introduced me to Passion Parties nearly a year ago.  At first I had no interest at all.  However after seeing the products..I was shocked at how indiscreet they are now.  Bluetooth enable,rechargeable,sleek and some don’t even look like a what one of us would even think was something for behind closed doors. So from fall 2014 until now I have been thinking about joining.

I have to say I believe I picked the best time ever to do so.  Not only did I get my kit at a discount, I also joined at the peak time.  I have always been interest in the industry since my first party I attended back in my early 20’s.  I recall the woman holding the party was a nurse.  She not only took a prudish girl and made me feel comfortable.  She also explained the safety part too.  I never forgot her.  Plus I took home the product that night.  I think that is key.  Being truly open and comfortable.  Also being able to take the new stuff home that night.  So my goal is to be able to do that for my parties that I hold.

Secondly, I truly want to make an impact on womens lives.  Not only by giving them the privacy to feel comfortable in checking out the products.  I want to also show women who maybe like me lost themselves after having children.  I say this not as a negative.  I love my children.  They are my world.  However I have had to give up my career numerous times the past 8 years. Which I don’t regret, however it take a toll on ones ego. There is Business me, mommy me, help everyone but myself me.  I have a feeling I am not alone.  So If I can show women how to make money and still have quality time with their families, this is important to me.  Plus add that

  • I have been a top performing sales person my entire career in sales
  • I have a strong career in Social Media Marketing
  • I know Linkedin and other platforms very well

I will be able to assist the people I sign up with all aspects of the business.  Having the team of women behind me too that have been successful.  Truly Awesome!profile